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Wedding Gowns: Finding the right dress

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Trying on wedding gowns and finding the right dress for your wedding day can be a task of its own. In this post I want to give you some tips to help you narrow down your search.

First, let me start by saying that your wedding day is a day like no other. Special and memorable, and it should be treated as such. Therefore, you want to make sure you look your best on that special day.  On that day, all eyes in the room will be directed at you.

The bride is always the focal point. The dress you wear on your wedding day can make it or break it. It is a very important part of the wedding. Trend, style and season are some of the main factors you should consider before buying the dress.  Another important factor to consider before shopping around for a wedding gowns is the venue. Yes, the venue sets the tone for the entire celebration. The wedding gown you choose should complement the venue. Whether you choose bold, classic and timeless, boho or beach.

Before you start the search for your dress you have to make sure you have secured the venue. Once you secure the venue, you’ll know what kind of gown you will need.

Why? Well, because the place you are getting married defines the level of formality for the wedding. The dress you choose should complement the venue and wedding design.  For example. If you are getting married in a sandy sunny beach in Hawaii, then a long train gown might not be the right choice. However, if your wedding is held at an elegant venue, then the long train gown might not be a bad idea. The key for finding the right dress, depends where you are getting married.

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