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What to wear for a photo shoot

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Hi, I'm angelina

What to wear for a photo shoot is the most common question I hear from my clients. In this post I will expand on the subject of outfits.  I will explain the do’s and don’ts to make it a little easier to choose the perfect outfit for a photo shoot.

First. Look your best. Consider your photo shoot an investment and make the most of it.

Second. Choose your colors wisely. I highly recommend neutrals. They photograph really well, and they flatter the image. Neutrals are easy to color coordinate.

Third. Stay away from logos, T-shirts, flip flops, shorts, plaids, busy prints, tank tops and such. As I mentioned before, dress for success.

If you want to look thinner, short bottoms and sleeveless outfits, will only draw attention to the wrong areas. So, try to avoid them. Instead choose long sleeves, and long bottoms to elongate and flatter the silhouette. If a piece of garment does not fit you well, it will not look good on a photograph either. Wear size appropriate clothing.

Forth. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Make your outfit season appropriate and subtle. For example, don’t choose turtlenecks for a photo session in July.

Fifth. Stick to solid colors. Busy prints and logos are distracting and will be the focal point of the image. We don’t want that. The purpose of the session is to tell a story about you.

Ladies, turn your engagement session into Pinterest material. Get your hair, nails and make up professionally done and consider wearing a long dress. It is worth it! To find beautiful dresses for any season you can check out Lulus. They have an awesome selection of affordable and gorgeous dresses.

Keep it simple, subtle and clean. Remember less is more. Simplicity brings a sense of cleanliness and elegance.


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